Massage & Well-being

David Hammond      

BS, LMT, NCTMB, AMTA member      

Using a wide range of techniques including the kneading and stroking of soft tissue, massage

  • can help reduce pain
  • helps circulate much needed oxygen throughout the body
  • coaxes tense muscles into relaxing
  • encourages deep and full breathing
  • helps release those knotted up areas where we
    store so much accumulated stress
  • promotes an overall sense of well-being


"Really gave a great, relaxing massage - nice firm, gentle touch. I feel great!"

I offer a safe, comfortable environment where the needs and concerns of my clients are held with the greatest of respect. Contact heals. Touch re-connects us with our true nature, with our human-ness.

Balance and Peace

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Convenient locations in     
St. Johnsbury, VT    
and the Boston, MA area     

 Also at:    
Barnet Tradepost Wellness Center            Barnet, VT    
(802) 633-2700 ext. 6    

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